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We consider E-Waste not as waste but a multiple resource. Our motto is to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover the assets through continuous implementations and innovations in recycling technology making environment neat & clean.

  • To provide e-waste collection centers throughout India
  • To provide environmental friendly techniques of disposing and recycling end-of-life electronics
  • To provide online tracking of e-waste material handling and management
  • To provide training to our customers on effective utilization of their electronic equipment for reducing e-waste generation
  • To ensure the occupational health and safety of our employees
  • To make available reused and refurbished electronic goods for institutions in two tier and three tier cities


  • To lead the industry in rethinking and recycling of e-waste
  • To make this world a better place to live in, for our children
  • To assure organizations of the safe disposal of their electronic products
  • To carry out Research and Development in the framework of e-waste management Policies and effective implementation of the same throughout the industry
  • To promote employment opportunities through e-waste management
  • To join hands with corporate and SMEs in saving the environment and conducting CSR programmes in their organization
  • To impart knowledge of e-waste management and the ill-effects of mismanagement to every individual in India
  • To collaborate with international organizations for technology updations, research and development