Recycling E - Waste, Saving World

Recycling Solution

Mahalaxmi Metalloys are providing good and fastest E - Recycling solutions.We are recycling all types of electronics material like computers, CRT Monitors, Printers, Mobiles, Electronics Batteries, Air Conditioners etc.


E - Waste Management

Mahalaxmi Metalloys has a unique state of art waste management program. Each electronic waste item passes through various process of Segregation and Dismantling depending upon its nature into marketable by-products.


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A Step Towards Green India

Electronic gadgets are the fastest growing waste stream in our country. All of these electronics become obsolete, often within 2-3 years of purchase. Mahalaxmi Metalloys provide solution to recycle them into useful byproducts and keep India clean and green.


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Mahalaxmi Metalloys Offers Total Termination of E - Waste Without Any Threat To Environment
About Mahalaxmi

Mahalaxmi Metalloys (India) Pvt. Ltd is established to promote environment friendly a state of the art E-Waste Recycling unit. The location of the unit is ideal for the procurement of Raw Materials and disposal of finished products.
Recycling Solutions

Our state-of-the art technology and superior methodology has enabled us to offer unique services to our customers. Mahalaxmi Metalloys offers Total Termination of e-waste without any threat to environment.